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Bellmawr Senior Housing is a safe new residence that eliminates the stress and dangers of home upkeep. Consolidated bills, beautiful and bright apartments, laundry facilities, interior and exterior maintenance, and a staff that is friendly and attentive, make BSHA an exceptionally good choice for seniors.  In addition, a full calendar of social, education and recreational opportunities as well as wellness services promote active lifestyles and overall health.  Transportation to and from the community library and retail shops makes senior life easier by reducing the many concerns often associated with driving.

Feeling safe at a BSHA home comes from many of the systems designed to protect and ensure the safety of residents. A fully equipped security and entrance system, including cameras throughout the buildings and access checks are managed 24-hours a day.   All apartments are equipped with an emergency 911 call button in case of accidents or falls.  In addition to in-room smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a sprinkler system protects the building from catastrophic fire damage.  

The many other benefits, while intagible, make all the difference.  Our residents never have to climb stairs or shaky ladders, or feel the uncertainty of letting people they don’t know into their home for repairs. They are comforted by friendly staff who treat each resident with respect and warmth.



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